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Comptroller's Office employees, 1960. CC licensed by Seattle Municipal Archives

A People-Centered Approach to Innovation: Why Lab at DCA? Part 2

We take a people-centered approach to innovation here at Lab at DCA. A key objective of the Lab is to develop a community of knowers and doers. People ask me: How do we keep up with the changes of technology? My answer echoes with the Lab’s pedagogical purpose to share knowledge and practices because that is how we respond to our changing work ecology. The social moment for this collaborative ethos is now, as the civic (tech) energy bubbles up from the community.


In the previous post, I discussed how government is a complex, hierarchical, and siloed institution and offered reasons for a civic staff digital literacy program as a workforce development intervention. To continue, in this final post, I elucidate the value of resilience in government innovation practices. Seeing the deficiencies of the common “problem-solving” approach, I lay out the components of our inquiry-driven design process. I end with a final note about how government should take cues from the civic tech community to embrace experimentation and collaborative thinking and making.