Welcome to the
A city staff incubator for digital literacy and innovative practices
at City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
Our Mission


Sustainable future

Design a sustainable future of DCA by exploring new civic engagement and public administration paradigms


Resilience & innovation

Inspire resilient mindsets and innovative modalities of public service while managing technological and economic changes of our time



Foster a robust and accessible information ecosystem for arts and culture in Los Angeles

Our Goals

We will pilot, document, and share workflow and content models to discover the affordances of new tools and practices. By cultivating staff capacity in webmaking, data work, design thinking, and agile project management, we will build a community of knowers and doers, both internal and external to the agency.

Our Methods
A holistic professional development program, the Lab engages with the technical, social, and ethical dimensions of municipal arts administration:


  • Technical: We iterate and test new modes of information sharing and data analysis. We maximize the utility of open source, browser-based technologies, and the City’s Open Data.
  • Social: We demonstrate agile project development, foster collaborations across functional teams, and spark ideas by sharing our process via the CC BY-NC 4.0 License.
  • Ethical: We reflect on the tools, process, purpose of public service. We also think about rights, privacy, accessibility, and other ethical issues related to the current trends in technology, economics, and culture.